What I do…

I have always enjoyed drawing, I think that’s what really got me into graphic design. Whilst most of my illustration work is now digital I do still use pen and ink now and again. Infact I find that by combining both my traditional and digital illustration skills I am able to keep that hand drawn feel whilst giving the final artwork all the advantages of a digital file such as scalabilty etc.

My illustration services include… Instruction Manuals, Website Icons, Illustrative Logos, Greetings Cards, Bespoke Gifts and T-shirts/Mugs etc. If I have missed anything get in touch, I should be able to help.

After a friend commissioned me to illustrate his scooter I have started taking more commissions for cars, motor bikes, bicycles and even aeroplanes! You can view some of my comissioned work on drawmywheels.co.uk and collibosher.co.uk



SummerBud Motorcycle Illustration
Mod Crash Hat - Illustration
Spray Can - illustration
Southwold Beech Huts - watercolour illustration
Quadrophenia - Illustration
Steve McQueen - Le Mans - Illustration
Temple Cycles - Ink Illustration
Southwold Chip Shop - watercolour illustration
The Creaky Shed - Watercolour Illustration
Raleigh Burner - Illustration